a Wild One

Consider it


Comes in Waves

I require change and movement. I get restless without it and to some degree we all do. Often taking it out on our work lives, love life, and overall sanity. We become consumed and bound to the chase for happiness. Perhaps, Its whether or not we are willing to let go and move on fromContinue reading “Comes in Waves”

Room #9

This is an incredibly old photo of the room I stayed in, whilst I was volunteering in Thailand. Room #9, brings me back to the sound of geckos and birds clamoring outside my window in the early morning, waking me. And it takes me back to the late nights I spent under the blue hazeContinue reading “Room #9”

In over my head

It’s 2 am and I am wide awake. I tried, really tried to go back to sleep. I swear. But my mind is on the fast lane now, thinking about my savings and oddly a scenario of me asking what bus to take in Spanish. My guess was ‘Quiero voy a Cancun,’ it turned outContinue reading “In over my head”

Layover in Beijing

This is definitely a picture of a boring, everyday airport, but to me its inspiration (as corny as that sounds) I took this picture back in 2018, on a 12 hour lay over in Beijing and during this time, I practically lived in the airport. Entertaining myself with downloaded movies and a repeating playlist, IContinue reading “Layover in Beijing”

Il-legally blonde

Progress can be hard to come by. Often taking one step forward and then taking one very big step back. I have taken one very BIG step back. I was doing really good for about a week. Focusing on my priorities and goals. Self love and well being. Truly (trying) to treat this body ofContinue reading “Il-legally blonde”