In over my head

The Spanish Project: Cuatro

It’s 2 am and I am wide awake. I tried, really tried to go back to sleep. I swear. But my mind is on the fast lane now, thinking about my savings and oddly a scenario of me asking what bus to take in Spanish.

My guess was ‘Quiero voy a Cancun,’ it turned out to be grammatically incorrect. It should be ‘Quiero ir a Cancun.’ ( I want to go to Cancun)

Voy meaning I am going

Ir meaning go

Or I could just say ‘Voy a Cancun‘ (I am going to Cancun)

But am I even going to go to Cancun…? This is my dilemma. I am left speachless, when someone asks me where exactly in Mexico I’ll be staying. I have nothing to respond with, only having a vague Idea, but no thorough plan.

I also have no idea what I’ll do for work. What job will pay my bills? And will they even want to hire a foreigner?

My lack of Spanish skills are also daunting. I haven’t properly sat down to practice in weeks, how will I manage if I’m not even capable of asking where the bathroom is?

Am I in over my head?

Update: I shortly fell asleep after writing this anxious rant.

The answer is no…well possibly. I might very well be ‘in over my head.’ But isn’t every dreamer in over their head. This won’t be easy, nothing is. I asked my friend Marci -from Mexico- a lot of these questions and she told me that a lot of her English professors are foreigners from other countries. I soon looked up the credentials, and it doesn’t require much, except perhaps a certificate for a TEFL course, that the school could potentially provide for you.

I also found this very helpful article, An Insiders guide to moving, working and living abroad in Mexico. It fills you in on the in’s and out’s of what it takes to move down there, making me realize that It won’t be as complicated as I thought.

I think the biggest thing I’ll have to work on is my fluency in Spanish. Knowing enough to at least help navigate me through the first few months of being down there.

So, I need practice my Spanish, save my money, and most importantly chill out. Stop doubting myself and beLIEVE!


Quiero (I want) ir (to go) a (to)

Quiero ir a Cancun – I want to go to Cancun

Voy (I go) a (to)

Voy a Cancun – I’m going t Cancun

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