Layover in Beijing

This is definitely a picture of a boring, everyday airport, but to me its inspiration (as corny as that sounds)

I took this picture back in 2018, on a 12 hour lay over in Beijing and during this time, I practically lived in the airport. Entertaining myself with downloaded movies and a repeating playlist, I was 17 and utterly naive as to what a 12 hour layover would look like.

I arrived at midnight hungry, tired and very cold. Packing for a humid atmosphere, I had nothing to cover myself, except for a shaal I had bought in Thailand. I curled up next to my carry on, knees to my chest, looking like a goofy tired eyed hobbit, I immersed myself in distorted episodes of friends.

As the early morning hours ticked by, I witnessed the sky change in colour, from dark blue to soft shades of pink and orange. And as the horizon came to life, so did the inside of the airport. More and more people began pouring in, and soon this very big and empty building, was bustling with life.

In that moment I truly felt alive, I felt free. The amount of possibilities and opportunities all around me, made my heart soar. The wild gypsy within no longer hushed a quiet whisper, but howled a mighty roar.

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